Offgrid Solar System Sizing Tool (Beta)


This tool provides solar panel and battery sizing recommendations for IoT applications running offgrid with 1 - 12 Watt of continuous power consumption. It uses your average power consumption and location to determine which panel and battery combination will keep the system running in the worst months of the year.

Your device consumes .

A solar panel facing south in angled at 50 degrees receives the equivalent of hours of sun during the worst solar month of the year ( ).

Solar Panel Performance

To achieve a high uptime, the panel needs to produce more power per day than the device consumes and the power lost through the charging process. It depends on the battery size and location, but most successful deployments will have a Power Ratio (Potential average solar power per day / system power consumption) of 1.X or higher. Over sizing the panel will help prevent downtime from sub optimal locations (shading, panel angle, panel soiling, etc.) and low / high temperature events where we limit battery charging.
PanelPower Ratio
Power Ratio: Power generated by panel divided by power consumed.

Battery Capacity

The battery provides a buffer for when the system receives less power due to rainy and overcast days as well as low and high temperature charging cutoffs. It depends on the panel size, but most deployments use batteries that last between 3 and 10 days with no sun.
BatteryDays Runtime
Days Runtime: Number of days the system could run on only a battery.

Panel ALR
50W Panel, 18Ah Battery    
50W Panel, 60Ah Battery    
100W Panel, 60Ah Battery    
100W Panel, 96Ah Battery    
200W Panel, 60Ah Battery    
200W Panel, 96Ah Battery    

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