Voltaic Systems and Education & Research

Solar Panels for Education & Research

Researchers, students and universities use Voltaic’s solar panels and battery packs to power a wide range of projects around environmental monitoring and engineering classwork.
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Work We’ve Done

CustomerVoltaic ComponentsApplication
Scandinavian University Test impact of deep water submersion (200, 500m simulation) on solar panel performance.
Regional Zoo Acoustic monitoring of birds in Costa Rica
Multiple Hospitals Power EKG monitoring device
Canadian University Power mobile air quality sensors
US University
  • Solar Panel Kits
Testing platform for a range of student solar-powered IoT projects
New York High School Demonstration to monitor water level using Particle’s Monitor One
US Universities (multiple)
  • Solar Panel Kits
Provide continuous power for air quality monitoring projects including Sensirion and Purple Air based systems
US PhD Student
  • Solar Panel Kits
Track locations of black-capped petrels in Dominican Republic
We keep the names of our customers confidential to avoid sharing proprietary information with both current and potential clients.

How Voltaic Systems Can Help

  • Have technical discussion to understand power requirements and propose simple solutions which may or may not use Voltaic products
  • Model the solar energy available to your device in order to accurately size the solar panel
  • Advise on ways to improve IoT system performance using experience from hundreds of commercial clients

Got a project that needs solar?

Voltaic designs and manufactures custom, high-quality solar power panels and mounting solutions.

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Power Related Challenges in Education and Research

  • Grid power is often not available and replacing or recharging batteries can be costly
  • Power solutions need to be “plug and play” as field teams may have limited training
  • Data capture must run continuously in an extremely wide range of operating conditions, including rain, snow, freezing cold, blistering heat, and 90 mph winds

Advantages to Adding Solar

  • Enable placement of data collection devices in optimal locations
  • Extend systems lifetime in the field, reducing time consuming trips to replace batteries
  • Increase the frequency of data sampling and transmission
  • Teach students how to manage for low power applications and learn about real-world solar performance
Voltaic Systems and FieldSense weather station