Voltaic Systems and smart camera

Solar Panels for Smart Cameras

Smart cameras combine video or still photographs with edge artificial intelligence.

Voltaic Systems designs and manufactures solar panels and complete power systems to run cameras and their associated networking hardware. Smart cameras are being developed for a wide range of verticals including: security, agriculture, smart cities, and construction.
Voltaic Systems Industrial fact
Number of unique panels made by Voltaic Systems

Work We’ve Done

CustomerVoltaic ProductsSolar Panel ConstructionAssets Monitored
Construction Camera
  • P107 standard panel with custom connector
Monocrystalline cells with potted urethane Construction project camera timelapse
Home Energy Startup
  • P124 standard panel with VHB gasket and custom connector
SunPower with ETFE lamination Ice buildup monitoring
Traffic Camera Company
  • 100-200W panel with V107 battery
Glass laminate with aluminum frame Parking and vehicle access control
Construction Cameras SunPower with ETFE lamination Timelapse images of construction projects
Site Monitoring Company SunPower with ETFE lamination Analyze safety characteristics of parking lots and other locations in real time
We keep the names of our customers confidential to avoid sharing proprietary information with both current and potential clients.

How Voltaic Systems Can Help

  • Provide a scalable platform for deploying smart cameras at volume
  • Model solar and battery size required to run cameras 24x7 in a variety of locations
  • Recommend low power PoE injectors and cellular routers
  • Provide battery health monitoring on large systems to improve system maintenance operations and increase uptime

Got a project that needs solar?

Voltaic designs and manufactures custom, high-quality solar power panels and mounting solutions.

Voltaic Systems can solar power smart cameras

Power Related Challenges for Smart Cameras

  • Many cameras are unable to go into sleep mode or cannot because of business requirements
  • Higher data rates can further increase power consumption
  • Data collection and transmission must run continuously in an extremely wide range of solar and environmental operating conditions

Advantages to Adding Solar

  • Avoid bureaucracy and cost of connecting to the grid
  • Reduce cost of battery replacement
  • Enable placement of cameras in optimal locations
  • Create a system that runs for 5+ years without maintenance
Voltaic Systems enables monitoring of penguins