High Performance Solar by Voltaic Systems

Voltaic Systems is a full-service provider of remote charging solutions

Established in 2004 by founder and CEO Shayne McQuade, Voltaic broke into the solar industry by designing the world’s first solar backpack. We over-engineered the solar panels for that application and found a steadily growing audience of product designers and engineers who wanted to integrate our solar panels into their projects.

Today, we work with hundreds of industrial companies to power their hardware devices. We have a line of standard solar panels and batteries and develop custom solar panels and charging solutions for high-volume customers. Our team delivers personalized guidance on every project, from prototyping to manufacturing to supply chain management and deployment. Our goal is to speed up our customer’s design process while maximizing the long-term performance of our solutions in the field.

Our solar panels enable a remarkable number of applications that have positive environmental impacts. In agriculture, these devices reduce water consumption, improve crop yields, and prevent waste in grain storage. The panels provide power to devices that improve truck routing and cargo ship navigation, reducing fuel consumption. Other solar-powered projects monitor for methane leaks in oil fields and overall air quality in our cities.

If you want to learn more about our offerings, please contact our team directly.