Voltaic Systems and smart windows

Solar Panels for Windows

Voltaic designs and manufactures solar panels to power shades and generate power for other applications. These solutions can reduce the heating and cooling load of buildings, reducing energy consumption.
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Work We’ve Done

CustomerVoltaic ProductsSolar Panel ConstructionWindow Applications
Glass Manufacturer
  • Custom solar panel
Glass laminated monocrystalline in custom plastic frame Powers automated shade
Electronic Components Company
  • Custom solar panels
Standard Monocrystalline and SPIC with ETFE lamination Powers automated shade
Smartfilm Startup
  • Custom solar panel
SunPower SMT with ETFE lamination Automated glass tinting
University Spinoff
  • Custom solar panel
Unlaminated SMT mounted SunPower Power generation for home
We keep the names of our customers confidential to avoid sharing proprietary information with both current and potential clients. .

How Voltaic Systems Can Help

  • Help you understand the solar energy available to your device in your specified environment
  • Design panels that function well in low light environments
  • Integrate a panel seamlessly into your design
  • Plan panel production to meet your assembly schedule at your contract manufacturer

Got a project that needs solar?

Voltaic designs and manufactures custom, high-quality solar power panels and mounting solutions.

Voltaic Systems and windows

Power Related Challenges of Windows

  • Solar panels may face non-optimal directions, reducing the amount of light available
  • Solar panels must integrate into a home or office environment in a way that is aesthetically pleasing
  • The systems should last 10 years and ideally 20+ years

Advantages to Adding Solar

  • Eliminate the need to connect to a building’s electrical system
  • Eliminate the use of non-rechargeable batteries and the associated waste
  • Create a system the never runs out of power
Voltaic Systems and windows