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Solar Panels for Smart Agriculture

Voltaic designs and manufactures solar panels and complete solar systems for hardware companies serving farmers, ranchers and orchardists. Our solar panels are powering sensors and gateways in a wide range of applications across the world.
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Work We’ve Done

CustomerVoltaic ProductsSolar Panel ConstructionApplication
Crop Intelligence Company
  • Custom solar panel
Monocrystalline with ETFE lamination Measures a wide range of soil, environmental and plant characteristics with built-in machine learning
Cattle Monitoring Company Monocrystalline with potted urethane AI cameras to aid in feedlot management
Weather Station Company
  • 5 different custom solar panels
Monocrystalline with glass and ETFE lamination Measures and reports temperature, humidity, wind speed, wind direction, precipitation, etc.
Weather Station Company
  • P103 standard solar panel with custom connector
Monocrystalline potted in urethane Provides precise local weather data for farmers
Maple Syrup Company
  • P124 modified with VHB gasket and custom wire
SunPower with ETFE lamination Reports temperature and flow rate of maple sap
Irrigation Management Company
  • Custom solar panel
Monocrystalline with ETFE lamination Monitors center pivot irrigation systems
North American Engineering Firm
  • Custom solar panel with mounting magnets
Monocrystalline with glass and ETFE lamination Grain bin conditions monitoring
Virtual Fencing Company
  • Custom polycarbonate lens and panel
SunPower cells potted under polycarbonate lens Guides livestock to preferred grazing location
Agtech Startup
  • P106 standard solar panel
Monocrystalline potted in urethane Environmental sensor platform with camera
We keep the names of our customers confidential to avoid sharing proprietary information with both current and potential clients.

How Voltaic Systems Can Help

  • Model the solar energy available to your device over a complete growing cycle
  • Select or design appropriately sized panels and batteries for your system
  • Strategize how to mount panels securely on a bracket or to an enclosure

Got a project that needs solar?

Voltaic designs and manufactures custom, high-quality solar power panels and mounting solutions.

Voltaic Systems' FieldSense

Power Related Challenges in Agriculture

  • Grid power is often not available and replacing or recharging batteries can be costly
  • Data capture must run continuously in an extremely wide range of operating conditions, including rain, snow, freezing cold, blistering heat, and 90 mph winds
  • Remote locations can impact network connectivity and power consumption

Advantages to Adding Solar

Integrating sensors, smart cameras, and communication gateways with a solar panel can:
  • Enable placement of devices in optimal locations
  • Extend systems lifetime in the field, reducing labor and replacement costs.
  • Increase the frequency of data transmission (ping rate)
  • Reduce battery size
  • Reduce electronics waste
Voltaic Systems and Smart Farming