Voltaic Systems and Environmental Monitoring

Solar Power for Environmental Monitoring

Scientists and governments are collecting, analyzing and taking actions on environmental data like air quality, noise levels, water levels and water quality.

Voltaic designs and manufactures solar panels and complete solar systems for hardware companies looking to power devices that sense and send data.
Number of continents you will find Voltaic Systems on
You will find Voltaic Systems in six oceans

Work We’ve Done

CustomerVoltaic ProductsSolar Panel ConstructionApplication
Energy Services Company
  • Custom solar panel, wire and VHB gasket
SMT Sunpower cells with ETFE lamination Monitor and detect methane
Water Monitoring Company Monocrystalline cells potted in urethane Monitor water level, temperature, dissolved oxygen and chlorophyll
Environmental Services Company SMT Sunpower cells with ETFE lamination Soil and groundwater monitoring
Flood Monitoring Cooperative SMT Sunpower cells with ETFE lamination Monitor street level water levels in New York City
Pipeline Monitoring Company SMT Sunpower cells with ETFE lamination Measure electrical potential of buried metallic pipelines
Air Quality Monitoring Company
  • P120 solar panel + V50 mounted in enclosure
SunPower cells with ETFE lamination Continuous monitoring and reporting of air quality data
Ocean Analytics Company
  • Custom solar panel
Monocrystalline cells potted in urethane Measure and analyze ocean currents, temperature and wind speed
Wireless Industrial Sensing Company
  • Custom solar panel
Monocrystalline with glass lamination Wireless sensor for hazardous (C1D1) zones
Research and Design Firm
  • Custom solar panel
SMT SunPower cells with ETFE lamination Noise level monitoring
We keep the names of our customers confidential to avoid sharing proprietary information with both current and potential clients.

How Voltaic Systems Can Help

  • Understand the solar energy available to your device in your specified environment
  • Select or design the appropriately sized panels and storage for your system
  • Strategize how to construct rugged enclosures resistant to water, dust, and chemical ingress (IP67-rated)
  • Plan panel production to meet your assembly schedule at your contract manufacturer

Got a project that needs solar?

Voltaic designs and manufactures custom, high-quality solar power panels and mounting solutions.

Voltaic Systems powering an ultrasonic sensor

Power Related Challenges in Environmental Monitoring

  • Replacing or recharging batteries can be costly and logistically challenging
  • Data capture must run continuously
  • Data capture may occur in an extremely wide range of operating conditions
  • Signal transmission can be affected by geographic location and network coverage

Advantages to Adding Solar

  • Enable monitoring systems to be deployed in locations where grid power is unavailable
  • Extend the operating life of battery-powered systems by continuously recharging the batteries during daylight hours
  • Eliminate the need for frequent battery replacements
  • Increase data transmission rates
Voltaic Systems and SenseEdge

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