Voltaic Systems powers millions of devices around the world that collect and send critical data on agriculture, air quality, the oceans and transportation assets. We design and manufacture the small scale solar systems that are an integral part of these Internet of Things (IoT) devices. Solar-powered IoT devices can have a profound impact on resource use and environmental health. The data collected by devices help reduce water consumption, improve crop yields, route vehicles more efficiently, and detect dangerous pollution. Solar can also extend the lives of devices, reducing environmental waste.

Hardware Developer Relations

Building a high-quality, durable IoT device is a complex endeavor that involves skills across mechanical, materials, electrical and computer engineering. We're looking for an inquisitive, technically minded individual to help engineers design these devices better and faster. You would be responsible for:

Discovery - Make sure our products are showing up where engineers are looking and ensure we are providing the right information for them to make a decision. This means improving and tracking SEO and our presentation on channel partners like Digi-Key. Design and implement changes to our website to make it clearer, more informative and easier to use for our target customers.

Education - Create tools and tutorials to help engineers select the right product and support them from prototyping through mass deployment. Communicate these updates through newsletters, partners and LinkedIn. Keep media assets up to date including product photography, spec sheets, product packaging and instruction books.

Community - Support single users and makers build their products successfully through both direct interaction and forums.

Automation - Simplify internal and customer facing processes whenever possible to reduce repetitive or non-value creating work whenever possible.

If you're interested, send a short intro email and resume to