Solar Powered Lego CarBy Jeff Crystal

You know it is going to be a good day at work when you get a solar-powered Lego Car in the mail. The folks at Play-Well sent it to us after choosing to use our panels for this project (if you have children, check out Play-Well’s class locations for the best in LEGO-based engineering instruction).

Here’s the video of the car cruising through our offices.

If you want to make your own solar-powered lego car, you’ll need:
-Lego parts, including gears to transfer power from the motor to the wheels
-Lego motor
-2 Watt solar panel

Here’s a few close-ups of the car:

We did a quick mod of the car to put in a female 3.5×1.1mm jack so that we could easily plug and unplug the panel from the motor. You can use our “USB Out Cable 3.5×1.1” if you want to avoid cutting the plug on our panel.

Go Legos! Wanna race?

Go here to see all of Voltaic’s rugged small solar panels.

15 Responses to Solar Powered Lego Car

  1. Eric says:

    I know this is an old post, but I would love to get several solar panels if I had some instructions for connecting it to a LEGO motor. Is there a video for that?

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  3. vecter says:

    black wire works for me

  4. Trina says:

    Sorry…I cut the lego piece from the M-Motor

    • admin says:

      Hi Trina,

      I just got the new Lego motor. I’m connecting the two leads from the solar panel to the two middle leads on the Lego motor. Those seem to be the connections that drive the motor. Leave the two leads from the outside of the Lego cable alone.

  5. TRINA says:

    Hi Jeff:

    I cut off the lego piece to expose the wires, and there are four of them. The solar panel has two wires (red and black). I tried connecting them,but it has not worked. Any ideas as to which wires to connect?

  6. Trina says:

    Are there step by step instructions on how to connect any lego car to the motor, and solar panel? My son has the same motor as the link, and also the panel. The trouble is connecting the two. Thanks

    • admin says:

      Hi Trina,

      We don’t right now, but will try to get them up shortly. In the meantime, if you want to give me a ring on Monday (x706), I’d be happy to walk you through it.


  7. tim says:

    Hi Jeff,

    Many thanks for the right battery set up. I’m going to order the 2.0 Watt kit here:

    Does this come with the the needed connection to go from the solar panel to the battery to the lego motor? I ordered this lego motor today, which appears to be the one in the car you have, but it does have an unusual plug:

    And now I realize there is a bigger motor available as well:

    Which motor is in the car in the video? Or a different one that the two above?

    Many thanks for your help, We’ll share our car when it’s done!


    • admin says:

      Hi Tim,

      It is a prior version to both, but we have had customer reports that they work. I’d probably go with the smaller one as you have.

      We cut open the lego cable and spliced it to a Voltaic cable. You might be able to figure out a way to connect securely to their leads without cutting it open…it is hard to tell without having it in front of us.


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  9. AWESOMENESS!!! that’s all I’ve got to say.

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